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We are a community of Investors

From our employees to our customers - everyone is an investor. That’s what drives us to simplify investing. Because when it comes to investing, we understand the obstacles you face, better than anybody else. We know it is tough when it is your hard-earned money on the line.

Our goal is simple - empower investors to achieve long-term, market-beating returns. Our mission is simpler - help people become happy and free.

We are Independent

We are 100% independent. We do not have arrangements with financial institutions, and we do not accept compensation from brokerages. We do not follow the crowd, nor the hype. So you might not hear us talking about the 'hot' stocks in the market.

Because we aim to do one thing and one thing only - provide you with unbiased, authentic, and independent financial information, to grow your wealth.

We're here to Help

We believe the individual investor can consistently beat the market. We are here to make that happen. Every day we study the traits behind successful individual investing. We embed that into everything we do - from our books to the daily newsletter, we translate the most complicated investing strategies into understandable language.

Whether it’s by helping you learn more about the stock market, or guiding you through the valuation of companies, we will do everything it takes to help you protect, preserve and grow your wealth.

How we make money

We publish and sell books on various topics related to investing and the stock market. Our services include a paid mentorship program helping individuals grow their investments.

We do not have any affiliations with brokerage firms, hence we do not get a commission if you buy stocks. Also, we do not accept payment for recommending companies. We do not invest for you, and we recommend you do due diligence before investing in any stock. Read our financial disclaimer to learn more.

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