Bear Market Investing Strategies:

37 Recession-Proof Ideas to Grow Your Wealth – Including Inverse ETFs, Put Options, Gold & Cryptocurrency

Do you have a repeatable investing

process to help you manage your

portfolio in arguably the most uncertain

market environment in history?


With 47.25 million unemployment claims in the US alone…

Household names like Hertz, Neiman Marcus, and J.C. Penney declaring bankruptcy…

A full blown recession is now a matter of when, and not if.

Now, the average person losses 33% of their wealth in a recession. And in the 2008 financial crisis, the stock market dropped a whopping 57% in just 2 years.

Which means if you’re relying on the market, or a pension fund for your nest egg. You need to be prepared for what is coming.


“Now is an unbelievable opportunity to establish a position in high-quality ‘forever’ businesses”

Fortunately, inside this book we lay out the straight facts (spoiler alert: there is no V-shaped recovery). As well as giving you practical advice on how to protect, and even growth your wealth in a recession.

Because, in the seed of crisis, comes great opportunity.

And investing legend Porter Stansberry (who correctly predicted the demise of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and General Motors) said this about the current times we’re in.



Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

  • If you currently have even a single ounce of gold or silver stored in a bank safe deposit box, it is at risk of being legally confiscated by the US government. This sounds absurd but it’s happened before. Read why on page 94
  • How the “Warren Buffett of Short Selling” makes his investments – Page 43
  • A unique way to buy your favorite blue chip stocks like Coca-Cola, Microsoft or Amazon at massive discounts – Page 63

Plus $135 worth of free bonuses inside.

"Now More Than Ever ... Those Growing Wealth Need ... Bear Marketing Strategies"

As an investor and entrepreneur myself, I found Bear Marketing Strategies to be informative and educational especially for building wealth during difficult times such a Covid-19. Many are pivoting their companies and portfolios and a modern handbook that reflects on the history of what occurs in these markets is very beneficial.

I was recently interviewed on the Invest Wisely Show on the radio due to my research for the Empowering Women’s Portfolio and in USA Today for my entrepreneur success book Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants. I really feel that Freeman Publications did a wonderful job of explaining ways to grow your wealth during a Bear Market!

"Sensible investing advice and strategies"

After reading 3 books by Freeman Publications, I can safely recommend these to all entry-level investors, as well as those with many years of experience who need to get their game back together.

Easy to read and entertaining at times, this book give some invaluable advice how to manage risk, diversify the portfolio, prepare for bear markets, look for more info on stocks and so on. It does not have all the answers, but one good tip can be a game changer sometimes. This book has a wealth of good advice in it.

"Best book to understand bear market"

I’ve read a lot of books about option trade and this one is best among them.Good thing about this book is its simple easy to understand.I will definitely recommend it.

" A new way of looking at bear markets"

"Easily understandable for newbies"

Being a “newbie” to the investing world, this book made it easier to understand the fundamentals of a bear market. What stood out to me the most were mentioned early on in the book, it stated that investors try to predict what the shock will be instead of preparing for the occurrence of a shock.

Maybe that’s why a lot of them lose money? Definitely a brilliant book to help guide you through learning more on how to grow your wealth. Would highly recommend it!

" Portfolio management in a simple terms"

This book is a well-written and wonderful guide to the world of investment. It describes in detail the perils and fundamentals of investments and what to check when considering stocks and all other investment vehicles. It even describes the physiology of investments and the pitfalls most investors make.

No matter your level of comfort with this topic, most people will pick up a few gems along the way. Recommended read for anyone interested in financial freedom.

"An Important Read during the Coronavirus Depression"

Bear Marketing Investing Strategies, 37 Recession-Proof Ideas to Grow your Wealth is the perfect investment book for these trying times.  In easy to understand language, the book provides a plethora of good advice for the new investor and a comprehensive refresher for the experienced one.  

I especially liked the section on researching companies, and in particular, the onion model presented, with its focus on reading 10-k filings and on doing research from the inside of the onion out.  Doing so in this way keeps the investor focused on the data a company is legally obligated to provide to potential investors and away from the hype. 

I also resonated with the section describing how a stock market bubble occurs and how it’s inevitable that it will burst.  Overall, a highly recommended read for anyone investing in the stock market during these difficult times.

"Good if you’re new to investing"

I recommend this book if you’re looking to get into investing. First off, it’s presented in a very clear speech, which made the concepts for someone newish to investing (like me) to grasp.

There’s plenty of examples to go along with the principles the author is explaining, plus charts that provide good visuals. If you like books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, I think you’ll like this too.

"Great read"

It was my third purchase from Freeman Publications, and again, they delivered! Highly recommended to anyone who would like to learn the basics of the stock market. Informative, honest, and very engaging.

FP also includes links to additional tools like YouTube tutorials that are super helpful.

I hardly ever leave feedback but I really felt that all three books I purchased from FP deserved some good notes!

"Things we mostly ignore"

Provides some good information as how to do the initial analysis and why we should do it. I believe this is really helpful for beginners. This book covers some core ideas to save you from the market fluctuations, these ideas are really basic but mostly we ignore them (At least I have ignored them few times).

Really helpful to give you a different perspective before you start your journey. I will highly recommend it if you are starting out your journey or like to refresh the core concepts.

Bear Market Investing Strategies

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