Bear Market Investing Strategies:

Do you have a repeatable investing process to help you manage your portfolio in arguably the most uncertain market environment in history?

Dr. Shellie Hipsky

Now More Than Ever ... Those Growing Wealth Need ... Bear Marketing Strategies

As an investor and entrepreneur myself, I found Bear Marketing Strategies to be informative and educational especially for building wealth during difficult times such a Covid-19. Many are pivoting their companies and portfolios and a modern handbook that reflects on the history of what occurs in these markets is very beneficial. I was recently interviewed on the Invest Wisely Show on the radio due to my research for the Empowering Women's Portfolio and in USA Today for my entrepreneur success book Ball Gowns to Yoga Pants. I really feel that Freeman Publications did a wonderful job of explaining ways to grow your wealth during a Bear Market!

David McHale

Extremely timely advice on safer investment strategies during this pandemic!

Does a great job of outlining economic cycles, sharing the major flaws in human psychology, how to manage risk effectively in both your overall portfolio and with specific risk-averse options strategies, and does a great job of explaining how to identify fraudulent companies! Sharing a free video course is a really nice touch from Freeman Publications, looking forward to the next book!


Sound advice for trying times

I am an experienced investor, with more than 20 years in the market, and have profited handsomely from my investments. Although I have read about investing extensively, I still found this book to be fresh and new and valuable. It reinforces some key ideas, like reading the 10-Ks and especially the notes, where all the secrets are buried, while, at the same time, warning me that the 10-Qs are not audited. Somehow, I didn’t think about that. While the book dives into details in places, there is also a lot here for the new investor. The approach is to invest carefully, taking into account your area of competence, and not fall for the incessant advice from social media, on-line analysts, and your favorite uncle. As I write, four months after New York City locked down due to COVID, I really needed the sensible, believable, pragmatic approach in this book. There is so much fear and uncertainty in the market right now, and the talking heads are out in force. The authors explain the gold market, some of the cryptocurrency stuff, a few useful option strategies, as well as more traditional strategies such as buying stock in defensive sectors. There are some great recommendations for ETFs as well. I feel better about my portfolio already.

Todd Havens

A new way of looking at bear markets!

This book was invaluable for taking the sting out of the inevitable bear markets we'll all face in our investing lifetimes and showing ways to actually embrace and view them as actual opportunities for successful investment. The onion concept (Chapter 3) was particularly fascinating for me and further proof that your Cousin Larry is not an investing genius because he watches CNBC all day, but instead, how to approach investing in a bear market with a rational mindset - start from inside the onion with company 10-K filings and move progressively outward toward press releases, earnings calls and analysts reports before reaching the mainstream media/Cousin Larry level. It's the exact reverse of what most individual investors do. This book is VERY accessible - very easy to read. It's not full of investing or financial jargon that isn't first explained and it does a really great job of mixing both macro and microeconomic points of view as it pertains to business cycles and recessions which we've all been witness to. It's a delicate balance, but they've really succeeded there.

Edward A. Dickey

A book that will make you more aware of what you don't know

Bear Market Investing Strategies could not be more timely, focusing as it does on finances in the bear market brought on by Covid 19. The author is Freeman Publications, identified as a network of investors, traders, and economists dedicated to independent, unbiased financial research. We learn about the factors contributing to bear markets, how to make money in them, how to hedge against them, how to handle the emotional fallout from plunging markets, how to make investment decisions based on solid research, and how to generate income with options strategies. While some of the information is of a technical nature, the writing is clear and sometimes even entertaining, with plenty of apt quotations, historical anecdotes, and illustrative examples. Given its relatively short length the book is remarkably comprehensive, containing information and advice about most investment vehicles, including precious metals, REITS, and bonds as well as stocks in most sectors of the economy. You will also find ETFs that might be worth looking into. For retail investors a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. This is a book that will make you aware of what you don't know, encourage you to do your research, and stay within your circle of competence. I will definitely look at other books on investing produced by this group.

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