Credit Spread Options for Beginners:

What if you could get an extra $100, $200 or even $500 deposited directly into your brokerage account within the next 24 hours?

John Cousins

Create an income stream for your investment portfolio

I have used writing covered calls and cash secured puts to add income to my stock portfolio for some time. This book provides insight into strategies that reduce and manage risk while making income from premiums. If you want to juice the returns from your portfolio, and who doesn't, I highly recommend this book.

Aaron D. Bare

Must read for traders

As a former Stockbroker and Financial Advisor, this book explains the opportunity in Credit Spread Options. I appreciate the time and explanation put into such a potentially complex subject.

D. B. Rose

Clear and sensible

I came to this as a complete novice trader. This was clearly written and easy to follow, even for me. The author has convinced me that he is promoting a sound approach to working, rather than playing, the stock market. I intend to put these principles into practice. Great little book!

Ryan Barnes

No nonsense investment advice

As a mostly passive investor I’ve historically been ignorant of options categorizing them as dangerous and something too complicated to dabble in. Oliver’s book is short, to the point and provides relevant and current examples of how to execute various credit spreads as a method to safely boost income in my portfolio. I’ve successfully started implementing his strategies with successful results and no longer fear the option. Unlike many other authors the strategies presented in this book and others in the series are no hype, but sound, repeatable long term wealth building strategies which resonates with my investing style. I’ve since picked up most of the other books in the series and can attest the others also live up to this same standard.

Dave M

Clear, understandable, useful, and actionable--great value for the money!

Because many trading books promise a lot, but deliver little, I originally bought just the Kindle version of this book, figuring "How can I go wrong for $3.99?". Halfway through the Kindle version, I ordered the paperback version--because this book has so much useful content, I wanted to mark it up, stick Post-It bookmarks in it, and use it as an everyday reference. And at $14, it is a great value for the money! The book covers important trade setup criteria like implied volatility and the VIX; best success practices based on back-tested research; why just a few simple indicators are all you need for trading credit spreads; and much, much more. The book is written in a very clear, understandable style, simplifying (without "dumbing down") complex concepts like option delta, theta, and gamma that are essential to understand to trade options successfully. Plus the author offers all sorts of free bonus material on his website, which are also very useful and actionable! After just a few weeks of paper-trading to develop a solid written trading plan with workable trade management contingencies, for the last several weeks (and starting small), I am already consistently making a few hundred real dollars a week with credit spreads--mostly based on what is in this book. Highly recommended!

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