Cryptocurrency Bear Market Strategies:

If you feel like you’ve “missed the boat” on Crypto. Think again… Because while the crypto market has had a tough year, this book will show you why you should still invest in the #1 asset class of the 2020s

Vinay Narayanan

The absolutely "ESSENTIAL" know it all on navigating the current cycle of crypto bear markets

I have read all of Freeman Publication's books and every book has amazed me on the quality and depth of the content of the topics presented but yet being presented in a very simple manner sans any jargon that is famous on investing subject books that get complex very fast. This book is again absolutely no different compared to the previous one's; infact it only gets better with every new book. Kudos to Oliver and his editorial team in bringing out so succinctly such a complex topic on navigating the current bear markets in the cryptocurrency space and distilling so much of the key elements even for a beginner in this space and yet providing so much of simple but actionable ideas to rebuild your portfolio and look at crypto with a new whole perspective sans the fake hype that is quite common.

Dax S.

New Ways of Thinking about Crypto

This book was exactly what I needed. I’ve been meaning to take advantage of lower crypto prices but fear of volatility kept me from acting. This book addresses the psychology and thought process needed to invest in crypto, and goes even further, offering alternative ways to take advantage of the crypto industry while in a bear market. I highly recommend!

Mike H

Explains the difference between Stocks vs. Crypto Bull/Bear Cycles

I have read all of Freeman Publications Books and always enjoy the clarity, care, and presentations of the subject explored. This book provides the recent history of the Crypto world and the reasons for it's current market conditions.


Important to diversify!

Like other Freeman books this considers investing for the long-term, as well as making yourself a diversified portfolio. There are still fortunes to be made in cryptocurrency, but as this book points out, investing in alt-coins with no utility might make you a lot of money ... or lose the lot! Far better to invest sensibly in high quality coins, like Bitcoin and Ether (I like Cardano too!), with a long term mindset. Another good book from Freeman which looks at strategies to cope with the recent 'crypto winter'.

Spencer Solomon

Cryptocurrency is a difficult topic and this makes it easy to understand

I found the book excellent reading and easy to understand. Bark Market Strategies gives the reader the advantage of enlightenment before taking any risk.

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