Dividend Growth Investing:

Why should you settle for 0.01% interest in a savings account? Or be OK with a treasury bill which pays less than 2% per year?

Gilbert W. Mireles Jr.

With all the current hype and volatility of the times, this is the book to steady your course

Without a doubt in these times, you need guidance on how to select your stock with a sure fire strategy on holding investments and generating cash. I've read many books on the subject of investing, especially dividend investing and this sets the tone, makes it easy to read and gives you verifiable examples of stocks to consider and why they should be considered. You can't go wrong with the information given in this book or as a matter of fact any of the investment books published by Freeman Publications. The details and approach written in this book are well worth the investment

Greg Spillman

What you need to know to grow wealth

Great book as is the others from this group. This book takes you into growing wealth through dividends and long term investment strategies that will increase your portfolio as well as ride out the down times in the market. The book goes through several investment vehicles and gives their strengths and tax implications so you can build a portfolio that is well constructed.Solid leads on actual companies and why they are good investments because of what they have done year over year instead of 1 year or 6 months. Easy read and not too heavy on accounting or tax verbiage but meaningful discussions on growth investing.


Something For All Investors

I've read a lot of investing books over the years. I wanted to read this one because I've read other books by Freeman Publications in the past and wanted to see their "take" on a subject of interest to me - dividend investing. After reading it, I truly believe it would be a bargain at any price. Far too many so-called "investing" books are full of hype and fluff and are weak on actual content. It was a pleasant surprise to pick up a book that strikes a balance between readability and in-depth content. Like any other book, you should do your own due diligence and not just blindly implement the suggestions in the book. Since I haven't yet started purchasing dividend stocks, I can't test, recommend, or "prove" this, or any other, dividend stock investing system. What the book does, in my opinion, is give you ways you can evaluate dividend stocks to see if a particular stock is a good fit for your portfolio. In other words, sharing the "why" behind making certain picks can help you develop your own systems for choosing stocks. That, to me, is the real value of this book. DISCLAIMER: I was given a pre-release copy of the book for review purposes but bought the Kindle version anyway (I thought it was worth supporting the author(s) after reading the book). My opinions are my own views and were not in any way influenced by Freeman Publications.

David dashiell

Great information and guidance on how to properly invest for income

Full disclosure, I was offered the book to read with the promise to write a review. This book fits my investing style, as I love dividends and the potential for dividend growth. I do this through value investing. I loved the way the book was structured and, in my opinion, this book would benefit people who are new or are trying to invest versus speculating. It discusses the current yields on savings accounts and bonds, how fees effect your portfolio, dividends, yield traps and their 11 principles for finding great dividend stocks. While reading through these principles, it allowed me to compare these techniques to how I approach and value a stock or ETF. Like the previous book I read from this author, he adds several stocks he believes are currently good values with a secure dividend with growth potential. These stocks are great starting points for investors who looking at dividend growth investing. Overall this was a great read. It was engaging, very detailed and kept my attention. I have already recommended it to a few of my friends who are starting their investing journey.

George B

Extremely Informative

This book is what I needed for learning about investing in stocks that pay a dividend regularly. It guides you on what to look for in a dividend paying stock and gives great advice on things to look out for and avoid in your portfolio. I learned a whole lot from this book and am going to start rereading it again from the beginning while taking important notes.

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