Investing for Kids

From Zero to Financial Freedom: Empower The Next Generation with the Gift of Financial Literacy

Scott B. Allan

A brilliantly crafted book designed to introduce children to the world of financial literacy

"Investing for Kids" is a brilliantly crafted book designed to introduce children, aged 8-12, to the world of financial literacy in a fun and engaging way. Freeman Publications has created an invaluable resource that imparts essential financial knowledge to young readers while keeping them entertained.


Unlock the Financial Future of Your Kids

A Fun Guide to Financial Literacy is an excellent book that equips children with essential financial literacy skills at a young age. The book is well-structured, and its contents are easy to understand. It captures the exciting history of money and how it has changed over time. More importantly, the book provides practical tips to help kids distinguish between their wants and needs, how to budget for both, fun ways to save, and watch their money grow.

Daniel Williams

Loves it

As a dad, I'm always looking for ways to impart essential life skills to my kids, and Investing for Kids absolutely hits the mark. Freeman Publications has created the perfect introductory guide to financial literacy that makes learning about money matters entertaining for young readers. The book covers the fundamentals of budgeting, saving, and investing using relatable examples and a fun, engaging tone. I really appreciate how it focuses on real-world skills for kids without any underlying political agenda. The writing is concise, clear, and easy to grasp even for an 8-year-old. My favorite part is the tier system for categorizing jobs - it's a brilliant way to get kids thinking about the true value of work experience versus just earning money. The book is packed with nuggets of wisdom like this that make financial concepts concrete.

Kristi M

A fantastic resource for young learners and their families.

I discovered 'Investing for Kids,' and it's a valuable resource for children to grasp financial literacy. It cleverly combines an engaging narrative with interactive activities, making financial topics enjoyable for young minds. It covers financial responsibility, goal-setting, and decision-making. Beyond academics, it imparts vital life skills early on. I appreciate how it encourages dialogue between parents and kids. A fantastic resource for young learners and their families


Financial Education for kids 8-12 that entertains

I loved this book that teaches kids and teens 8-12 the importance of money. The book is well-designed, has concrete real-world examples, and matches the target audience. In case you have a kid that age, get this book, and improve your child's relationship with money. Best suited as a paperback.

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