Iron Condor Options for Beginners

If You Are Afraid to Leave Your Money in the Markets Right Now

Thomas A. Laurie

Clear and Concise

I enjoyed every part of this book, but I most enjoyed the psychological trading hints. A personal favorite was to exit all positions before vacation. The only problem I had with this book is that it said it was for beginners. I would caution that traders new to the market don’t start out with options. If you have been trading stocks for years, then this book is a great place to start the options trading phase of your life. The book was well written, the tips easy to understand and the examples were great!

Anna Meshaw

Well-written, straight forward, and actually useful

I've enjoyed all of their books. They're all well-written, which isn't common for all Kindle Unlimited books. They are also written for any level investor/trader and they are not trying to sell you access to some secret, proprietary software system that "can make you millions"

William Hansmann

Really for the little more advanced than beginners

This book is obviously well written. It stresses the proper way to set up these trades, and if done properly, they are about 80% successful, and you can make a tidy little sum every month. My problem is that I am truly a beginner when it comes to options trading. I know the difference between a put and a call, but not much more. To really benefit from this book, I believe a good bit more knowledge is necessary. One of the things the author stressed was to not go outside your competency level, and a one-time read of this book would not get me there. I think there is a lot of good information here, but for me, it was pearls before this swine. I do want to get into options trading, but I definitely have to go back to a more elementary instructional source, which the authors do provide. I'll be back.


5 stars

This was the first book that I’ve ever read about iron condor options. I’m into trading for a while and haven’t even heard about this option before but the way the author has presented it into the book made for a great introduction on the matter. I’m really hooked on it now. It is a great book with tons of information and insights into the option, discussing topics that after reading them will ultimately make you comfortable with actually using the option and start investing. It’s hard to find a simple book on anything investing, one that you can just pick up, have a read and then apply the teachings. Usually investment books are filled with terms you simply cannot grasp. This book on iron condor is really for the beginner into not just the option but also investing in general. It takes you through the entire process and makes you understand. It’s like the author knows to give you some final directions before moving to the next chapter, just so that you are 100$ ready to move on without missing anything of value.

Zana S Olson

This author cares about educating people!

I have purchased EVERY book that has been written and published by Freeman publications. Oliver writes his books in easy to understand terms with live examples explaining the strategies and the math behind them. If you are looking for some insight into different ways to invest, read this book, Net credit spreads and covered calls were great as well.

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