REIT Investing for Beginners:

Why should you settle for 0.05% interest in a savings account? When inflation is over 8%!

Erik Fabricius-Olsen

Excellent and simple introduction to REIT investing.

I have about 12% of my portfolio invested in REITs, so I was happy to learn a few more insights into how to evaluate REIT investments. Not only does the book provide a basic background of REITs, but it also provides detailed methods of how to evaluate the key types of REITs and how to calculate important metrics. The book also provides guidance on what to look out for from a risk perspective. I feel confident that I am now better equipped to better select REIT investments.

E Kelley

Right on for getting started in REIT investing!

This book is very well written and very informative for me. This book is my first introduction to investing in REITs and is spot on for me to get started including REITs in my portfolio. I have already added a few shares of SCHH, IIPR and CTRE. These seem just right for me at this time and I am looking forward, with an appropriate amount of enthusiasm, to receiving my first dividend payments.


5.0 out of 5 stars So much valuable information

Like all of Freeman Publication's previous books this is also full of valuable information. Highly recommend it!

Hugo Teran

Very clarifying, for beginners

It has all the basics to understand how a REIT differs from a common stock. Very good at explaining how to analyze the fundamentals. Good advice on how to choose the right REIT. In my particular case I am from Argentina, and the chapters on taxes for non-residents eliminated doubts of a long time ago. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs to understand how they work and how to choose them properly.

Gilbert W. Mireles Jr.

If you want to know how to incorporate REIT investing to your portfolio, then this is the book.

What can I say, Freeman Publications has done it again. I really enjoyed the insights on the methodology to evaluate REITs and to know what to look for. This guidance becomes invaluable when deciding on REIT investing. You can’t go wrong with having a good foundation to build on and knowing the difference in the two types of REITS. This book will definitely get you started on the right foot. I highly recommend this book.

Suzanne Gilson, Realtor

5.0 out of 5 stars Considering Reits? This is a must read

I'm so happy I purchased and read this book. Short and concise and filled with everything you need to know about Reits. The author not only shares his top picks, but provides comprehensive analysis of each company, appreciate that!

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