Stock Investing for Beginners: Fantastic Moats and Where to Find Them

How to Beat the Market Year After Year and Creating Financial Freedom by Using the Same Techniques as the World’s Best Investors

Lawrence Janis

This is not the first book I have read from Freeman Publications, and it won’t be my last…

first stumbled across Freeman Publication a few months ago. I was looking for books to read on investing. There were tons of them, but what intrigued me was how recently they were published. Most of the books had been written years ago, I want something relevant, timely, and current with what is going on today. In each book I have read the information provided an interesting point of view that made sense to me. Hence, the multiple purchases. What I got out of Fantastic Moats, was a different perspective for looking at companies to invest in. Not just looking at the numbers, enough to drive someone crazy, I read about how companies acquire a unique advantage over their competition. There were several instances where the stocks were discussed were stocks I already own, which reinforced my decision to purchase them in the beginning. And to seriously consider buy more shares when ever there is a dip in the price. I feel comfortable suggesting you to take a look at Freeman Publications and try a book for yourself. I feel strongly you come back for other titles. Remember, investing is a journey, not a destination.

Domenic Tollis

Great Addition to The Series

I bought my first book in the Freeman Publishing series to get my head quickly wrapped around Bitcoin. Oliver also supplies a lot of free bonus material, all of it a gold mine of info from a successful investor. I received a free copy of "Fantastic Moats..." to read and review. I am now reading the "Credit Spread Options" through Amazon Prime Reading. Oliver clearly intends to over-deliver; he is an open book, providing a link to a spreadsheet containing the results on previous recommendations as bonus material to some of his publications.


Great new addition to a great series of books

As a newer investor the Freeman Publications books have helped me immensely in getting a basic understanding of markets and investing and this book is no exception. It is easy to understand and filled with a wealth of useful and helpful information.

Joe H.

Well Written, Easy to Read and Packed with "Fantastic" Information.

Fantastic Moats and Where to Find Them is one of the best I have read in the past year. The book is well organized and written in a style that is conversational and informative. Investing jargon is kept to a minimum and well explained when necessary. Chapters 1-2 introduce the concept of moats--economic advantages, their importance and how to research companies to find those with moats. Chapters 3-10 introduce 9 different moats with a detailed discussion of each with examples. Finally chapters 11-13 wrap up the discussion with practical suggestions for investing in excellent companies with enduring economic advantages. I can see myself returning to this book regularly for some time to come.

Vinay Narayanan

By far the best book on investing every written

This has to be the one stop solution for everyone either new or even experienced in the investing world. As Oliver mentions in his book, if there was one single criterion that needs to be picked up in order to evaluate if its a worthy investment out of several choices, "moat" would be the stand out champion by many miles. With simplified verbiage sans any jargon, Oliver has taken this book to the next level, and I would rate this as one of his very best. It took me just about an hour and half; as I dwelt into this magical journey to further refine my understanding of what a moat was and how important it is to consider one as you think about investing in markets. Coupled with simple ideas and tips on how important journaling stock screening ideas, this is a power house of knowledge to be treasure troved.

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