The Only Altcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need

This book is designed for those new to finance and investing, ensuring you can confidently embark on your altcoin investing journey.

Deidre Marie

Great book on catching the Zooms and TikToks in crypto!

The Only Altcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need teaches you how to make money being the early bird using asymmetrical bets! There’s a wealth of information and Freeman Publications does a great job breaking it all down especially for a novice like myself!


Crypto Horizons Unveiled

The Only Altcoin Investing Book You'll Ever Need delves into the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, exploring emerging narratives and potential investment opportunities. Freeman skillfully navigates readers through the realms of decentralized gambling, crypto gaming, liquid staking derivatives, layer 2 scaling, and real-world asset tokenization.


This is a very important book!

I have been a fan of Oliver El-Gorr for a couple of years now, and appreciate his writing style and the very informative nature of his books. They inform without a lot of fluff, and he finds ways to make difficult topics informative, especially to the new investor. Every book of his that I have read (and this is most of them) has been highly organized, informative, and useful in how it takes an aspect of the markets and makes them understandable.

Amazon Customer


A foundational treatise on the future of crypto. I like many others felt that crypto was over my head and then I read this book. All the things I thought I could never grasp were demystified. An extremely well written roadmap to the opportunities in this new territory. The more I read the more I wanted to read and learn. If you ever even thought about crypto...read this as soon as it lands in your library!!!

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