The Only Bitcoin Investing Book You’ll Ever Need:

If you feel like you’ve “missed the boat” on Bitcoin. Think again… Because while Bitcoin continues to hit all time highs, this book will show you it’s not too late to invest in “Digital Gold”

Dan Tweeton

Makes Crypto Easy To Understand And Gets Straight To The Point

This book simplifies crypto investing with a heavy focus on Bitcoin. The world of crypto is complex and can leave your head spinning at first glance. This book is a great way to onboard into Bitcoin investing. The author provides an explanation as to what exactly Bitcoin is, and it does so in plain English so that the everyday person can understand what they are getting into. Just as important, it provides examples of what not to do in the world of cryptocurrency. Would recommend to people who are novices to crypto and want a quick, easy to understand guide.

James Quacinella

Effective Guide to Bitcoin

If you want to understand the basics of what Bitcoin is all about but want to avoid the inevitable hype you see on the internet, this guide is for you. I have bought all of the other books by this company, and they do a great job of presenting sound, rational investing advice that is easy to follow. This book fits well into the overall series, showing how you can use Bitcoin in your investing portfolio, what tools to use and how to avoid scams. The book maybe short but it is to the point, and given it's quality, well worth the price. When they put out a book on Ethereum or Defi, I'll be the first to buy it!

Rogerio da Silva

A good perspective out of the noise out there

We are information overloaded. By the time new comers into Cryptocurrency, due to the opportunists and lack of knowledge and understanding loses can be made. This book serves as a good basis for new and intermediate people buying and selling any crypto.


Solid and informative

This is a most informative and interesting book. I have read a couple of other "must reads" on Bitcoin and I have finally began to realized what a major game-changer Bitcoin really is. This book was the 3rd book I've read and I found it to be an excellent source of practical advise. In fact I have recommended all three books to my closest friends and family. In doing so I summarize these books this way. The first book (What's the big deal about Bitcoin?) is an easy read and great intro. The second book (The Bitcoin Standard) is a classic must read and is surely NOT an easy read but absolutely necessary. And the third book (The only Bitcoin investing book you will ever need) is an excellent book that brings things into a proper perspective. The book is readable without overly simplifying a complicated subject but at the same time it does a great job of explaining concepts without bogging down in the complex issues that often surround cryptocurrencies. I found it to be a valued addition to my growing library of books on this subject. I highly recommend it.

David Mukharji

A definite read for anyone interested in Bitcoin

Well written and easy to understand for the beginner who just needs the basics to get started. This book gives insight to what seems to be a complicated and « out of the box » strategy to hedging your investment portfolio. If you don’t understand what Bitcoin is then buy this book. You’ll be enlightened and your portfolio will thank you.

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