The Only Ethereum Investing Book You’ll Ever Need

If you believe you've "missed the train" on Crypto, fret not... This book demonstrates that it's not too late to invest in the "Digital Diamond," Ethereum.


5.0 out of 5 stars Concise and well written introduction to Ethereum

This book is an excellent introduction to Ethereum both as a technology and as an investment. It explains how the Ethereum platform is like an app store for decentralized applications on the internet and how Ether is the currency that enables them. This should drive the demand for Ether in the future which is the basis for investing in it now.

Leila A

Solid Ethereum Guide

This book is a great journey into the world of Ethereum - both as an innovative technology and a lucrative investment opportunity. Not only is this a comprehensive introduction to the Ethereum platform, but the author's easy and concise writing style helps me understand the drive for future demand and how Ethereum can become a prime asset worth investing in today.

Imtiyaz Mir

Another Masterclass book from freeman publications

I love reading freeman publications books because there is tons of knowledge compacted in these small sized books. This book will teach you how to get in crypto and build wealth slowly but steadily. This book is concise yet comprehensive. must-read for anyone looking to delve into the world of blockchain technology and decentralized applications. It talks about NFTs and Defi and also how to avoid the crypto scams. The future is crypto. Grab a copy and enjoy the read. I promise you will.

The Weekend Golfer

Much more than Bitcoin…

I have learned to invest in what you know. I can’t say I am an expert about cryptocurrencies but this book has put me on the right path. The authors tell you how Ethereum is a financial asset worth your time. The differences between Bitcoin and Ethereum has shown me where to put my money in this alternative asset class. I must say I have learned so much from Freeman Publication books, and I recommend them highly.

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