We are confirmed.

Here’s what you NEED to know BEFORE our call:

1. In just a few moments, you will receive 2 important emails:


The first email has the Zoom Link & Calendar Invite for our call.

The second email is from Oliver El-Gorr. Oliver is the Founder & CEO of Freeman Publications, an independent financial education company that helps ordinary people get better results from their investments. Capital Gains Multiplier is the flagship program and the result of more than a decade of investing experience. You will be learning directly from Oliver and our all star team who are currently beating the market by more than 2:1 since inception.

2. Why does CGM exist?


Oliver created CGM because he saw the exact challenges that individual investors faced in today’s investing landscape.

Not only did he want to cut through the noise and lay out the facts, but he also wanted to do it in a way where we create the best network of investors. This is the only program that exists which combines ongoing training with the community.

3. How much do our services cost?


Please remember that the call is FREE but our services are NOT.

You’ll get to speak with Oliver personally so that you are set up to get the best possible results from the program. The call will help you regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned investor in identifying the problems you are experiencing.


If those problems are costing you more than the price of our services, we will offer you our services.


Our program includes​ Individual Portfolio Analysis with Oliver, Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls, Lifetime Access to On-Demand Video Training, Monthly Stock Deep Dives, Exclusive Community, and Lifetime Free Access to StockScore Software”

4. Frequently asked questions


👉 How long will the call take?

About 30-45 minutes


👉 What happens after the call?

After you say “Yes!” to join CGM, we will send you a link to make the payment. Upon enrollment, you will receive the login credentials for the Capital Gains Multiplier via email.

Everything is to be completed on your own time and on your own schedule. You can go as fast or as slow as you wish. Need to take a week off? No problem, just pick up where you left off, because you get lifetime access to everything.


👉 I don’t have much freedom due to my full-time job. How much time do I need to go through the program?

Many successful CGM students have full time jobs and other commitments. The beauty of this program is that it is designed for you to work through it at your own pace in your downtime.

Even if you can’t make the live calls, every single one is recorded, timestamped, and uploaded to the member’s area within 24 hours.


👉 What proof do you have that your strategy works?

Since our inception in March 2020, we have outperformed both the S&P 500 and FTSE 100 indexes and have recommended multi-bagger stocks like Catalyst Pharmaceuticals (+281%) and Freeport-McMoran (+207%). For a full list of our current recommendations + daily updates on our portfolio performance go to freemanpublications.com/tracker 


👉 How is this different than other investing programs?


Simply put. There is nothing like what we are offering on the market today. The majority of “programs” out there are where you get sent some login details and you never hear from the creator again. You might get 1 email a month with a stock pick… but other than that you’re left high and dry.

With Capital Gains Multiplier not only do you get access to our best stocks each month (that’s 12 a year) you get a complete investing education at a fraction of what it would cost at a University or other institution.

Plus you get ongoing access to me both on the weekly calls and in the member’s area (I’m in there every day).

This is the culmination of my decade-long investing experience… and right now you’re getting in on the ground floor… because we are continuing to add new material and new features every single month.


👉 What results has Freeman Publications gotten for other people”

5. Want to connect with Oliver?


Email: admin@freemanpublications.com


I look forward to hearing about your success, too!


Talk soon,


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