Credit Spread Options for Beginners:

Turn Your Most Boring Stocks into Reliable Monthly Paychecks using Call, Put & Iron Butterfly Spreads – Even If The Market is Doing Nothing 

What if you could get an extra $100, $200 or even $500 deposited directly into your brokerage account within the next 24 hours?


That might sound impossible… but with credit spreads… it’s not just a possibility… it’s a certainty.

Because with credit spreads, every single trade pays you when you enter it.

And you can use these to generate safe returns, no matter what happens to your stock.


Plus, inside the book you get free access to a 7 part video course covering every aspect of profitable investing.

Unlike regular options trading, you don’t even need to guess the direction of a stock, or what price it will be in a month.

You only have to guess a price range.

And you can use this strategy to generate income on stocks you don’t even own… even if those stocks are moving sideways.

Plus by focusing on only the most reliable moves — you can win as often as 85 times out of every 100 trades — which means you pile up profits that others can only dream about!

All of this without paying a “trading guru” thousands of dollars to learn their system.



Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

    • The 8 criteria we use to select the best stocks to write credit spreads – Page 85
    • 10 examples of stock you should never use to trade credit spreads. Amateurs do this all the time and you can lose as much as $31,000 on a single trade. Learn why these stocks are so dangerous and what to do instead – Page 86
    • How to find the best credit spreads stocks for free. Stock scanning services will charge you $300  a year for this information, but our approach costs nothing and lists the exact same companies – Page 8
    • …plus much, much more!

"Great book if you want to learn Options Trading/ Credit Spreads"

This a book that I enjoy reading it. Also, I am an options trader, and this is a great guide to look into every time you have some doubts about your strategies. Will recommend to friends.

"Clear, understandable, useful, and actionable-great value for the money!"

Because many trading books promise a lot but deliver little, I originally bought just the Kindle version of this book, figuring “How can I go wrong for $3.99?”.

Halfway through the Kindle version, I ordered the paperback version–because this book has so much useful content, I wanted to mark it up, stick Post-It bookmarks in it, and use it as an everyday reference. 


" Must read for traders"

"Create an income stream for your investment portfolio"

I have used writing covered calls and cash secured puts to add income to my stock portfolio for some time. This book provides insight into strategies that reduce and manage risk while making income from premiums. If you want to juice the returns from your portfolio, and who doesn’t, I highly recommend this book.

"Clear and sensible"

I came to this as a complete novice trader. This was clearly written and easy to follow, even for me. The author has convinced me that he is promoting a sound approach to working, rather than playing, the stock market. I intend to put these principles into practice. Great little book!

"Great Resource"

This book is well-written, the materials are organized well, and the book gives examples and tips that are easy to follow and implement. This is a must for all investors, especially those who are just getting started.

"Clear Plain English Explanation"

This book provides a clear and plain English explanation of credit spreads. It spells them out in a way that isn’t overly complicated and has clear action items and additional resources. This is an excellent reference book for many investors.

"Interesting book"

This book was easy to follow even for a beginner like me. I would like to read and learn more. Totally worthwhile for someone who wants a basic understanding.

"Excellent Advice"

This book was easy to follow even for a beginner like me. I would like to read and learn more. Totally worthwhile for someone who wants a basic understanding.

"Well-defined and Easy to Implement Strategies"

Options trading carries a stigma with it that this book begins to demystify. Easy to understand, sound and simple strategies, and a realistic look at what type of growth to expect as one learns to follow a systematic approach.

From their advice in other areas such as how much of your portfolio to use in a trade to how to sleep, exercise, and eating impact your trading success gives one a well-defined technique to be successful. Credit spreads done right will let you sleep at night.

Credit Spread Options for Beginners

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