Iron Condor Options for Beginners
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To keep our printing costs low, and our books affordable, we print all books in Black & White. This isn’t ideal, especially if you want to look at candlestick charts.

So on this page, you will find all images in color, along with their corresponding page in the paperback version so you can easily cross reference them.

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Figure 1: Entry point matters – If you had bought Microsoft at its peak on December 1st 1999, it would have taken 17 years to recover your original investment. If you had bought on June 1st 2016 for the same price ($58.95), you would have gained 302% in just 4 years (Source: TradingView) – Page 11

Figure 2: An Options Trader’s Account in Robinhood – Page 16

Figure 3: Trend and a Range for Apple (Source: TradingView) – Page 34

Figure 4: Risk Profile of an Iron Condor – Page 37

Figure 5: Choppiness Index and Range Behavior – Page 58

Figure 6: The pay-off chart for the Netflix Iron Condor – Page 82

Figure 7: The revised pay-off chart now we have added the credit spread on the unchallenged side – Page 83

Figure 8: The daily price chart for Nio – Page 84

Figure 9: The daily price chart for Disney – Page 86

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