Iron Condor Options for Beginners:

A Smart, Safe Method to Generate an Extra 25% Per Year with Just 2 Trades Per Month

If You Are Afraid to Leave Your Money in the Markets Right Now…

This simple, repeatable iron condor options strategy could make you $1,000s extra every month from home, with your laptop or smartphone.

And you want a low-risk way to “repair” some of the financial damage caused by the coronavirus crash…

There’s a unique situation in the market you can take advantage of today.

Smart traders have been using this strategy for years to make thousands of dollars per week — with much less risk than buying stocks… and no matter what the market is doing…

That’s one reason why conservative financial journal Barron’s calls it:

“One of the greatest strategies in existence…”


If you have a small account, this is one of the few ways you can turn it into a BIG account, with large, consistent income streams.

Now, we know what you might be thinking: “Options are risky, right?”

The simple answer is no.

You see, options are one of the most misunderstood investments in the world.

Most folks buy options for risky speculations.

You can lose your shirt that way, and fast… especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But the way we do it, you sell options.

And when you do that, you can make great gains without needing to guess which direction a stock is going.



Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

    • The “instant cash” options strategy which immediately deposits money into your trading account– Page 33
    • 10 effective ways to master the mental side of trading – Page 112
    • Trade options like Warren Buffett? The world’s greatest investor has used this specific strategy to make $4.9 Billion over the past decade – Page 17
    • Should you trade SPY or SPX? The surprising answer is on Page 60
    • We tested 71,417 trades and found the best VIX level to enter your trades at – Page 54   …plus $135 worth of free bonus material inside!

" This author cares about educating people"

I have purchased EVERY book that has been written and published by Freeman publications. Oliver writes his books in easy-to-understand terms with live examples explaining the strategies and the math behind them. If you are looking for some insight into different ways to invest, read this book, Net credit spreads and covered calls were great as well.

" Great insights, Wonderful approach"

"Clearly explained for a complicated topic I knew nothing about"

I did not have any prior knowledge of Iron Condor Options. It is a dense book with a lot of information, and I would have to review many of the topics before I felt comfortable investing with this strategy.

Although I can’t speak to the efficacy of the author’s technique, the book itself was very informative and was structured in a way that was easy to follow.

"A blueprint for success"

This is a really good book. It isn’t about getting rich quick, it IS about getting rich. It has multiple principles that help guide you, i.e. “Why Traders Lose Money” “The 4 Pillars of Successful Trading,” etc. Each one has specific steps and examples. It goes beyond principles though, they literally show the math on how, why, what, and when to trade, they include graphs and screenshots, it is a full course on options in book form.

Among other things, it also gives advice on how to pick a good broker and how to identify a good trading platform. One thing to note is this book isn’t necessarily for beginners. The good news is they give you free access to Options 101 that gets you up to speed. Having said that, I’m a beginner and still found it really valuable. What I liked the most were several chapters on mindset and the psychology of success. Reaching your goals is about how you think and these chapters didn’t just give advice for trading, but advice on success in general. That alone makes it worth a read.

"Very good explanation of investing in options"

This was a very complete and detailed explanation. As the introduction says, you really should have some basic knowledge on the subject or a lot of it will be Greek.

I did not like the author’s social theories on why some people might not like successful people. I don’t think “Catholic guilt” or Scandinavian culture makes people fall short of their income potential. So, I think the author should drop the philosophy and stick with investment strategies, which this book does well.

"Excellent Guide to Iron Condor Options Trading"

Like many folks, I’ve used the pandemic to hone my trading skills, which were nonexistent, to a very basic understanding. This guide — elegant and succinct — answered many of my questions about iron condor options.

The jury is still out whether I’ll be able to apply the material, but I do know I’ll be referring to rules I learned here.

"Clear and Concise"

I enjoyed every part of this book, but I most enjoyed the psychological trading hints. A personal favorite was to exit all positions before vacation. The only problem I had with this book is that it said it was for beginners.

I would caution that traders new to the market don’t start out with options. If you have been trading stocks for years, then this book is a great place to start the options trading phase of your life.

The book was well written, the tips easy to understand and the examples were great!

"Generate an Extra 25% Per Year in the Stock Market"

The iron condor is an options trading strategy using two vertical spreads with the same expiration date and four different strikes. In the book’s introduction, the author clearly states that the reader should be familiar with options trading. For those readers, this well-organized book explains the ins and outs of the iron condor.

The opening pages make incredible offers. If you are new to options trading you can visit Freeman’s website, provide an email address, and download a free book on Options 101. Also, at the end of this book, there are links and blurbs about other investing publications by Freeman.

"5 stars"

This was the first book that I’ve ever read about iron condor options. I’m into trading for a while and haven’t even heard about this option before but the way the author has presented it into the book made for a great introduction on the matter. I’m really hooked on it now. It is a great book with tons of information and insights into the option, discussing topics that after reading them will ultimately make you comfortable with actually using the option and start investing.

It’s hard to find a simple book on anything investing, one that you can just pick up, have a read, and then apply the teachings. Finally, the book fits like a glove for the times we’re living in now, with so many people trying to invest their money into something they can rely on. It’s honest, smart, yet written in a friendly tone, which inspires trust. It helped me a lot!

"Nice outline"

Concise, clear, and well laid out. Practical advice for the beginner. No strategy in the market will make money 100% of the time, and neither will this one, although it has practical advice for dealing with the rough patches.

Well done.

Iron Condor Options for Beginners

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