The Options Wheel Strategy:

The Complete Guide To Boost Your Portfolio An Extra 15-20% With Cash Secured Puts And Covered Calls

What if you could make an extra $100 each week with stocks you would love to own?

If you’re worried about current market instability… then the Wheel Strategy is here to amplify your returns.

This triple income strategy has been dubbed “buy and hold investing on steroids”

It’s so effective because you receive an immediate cash injection directly into your brokerage account.

With cash secured puts, you get paid to buy stocks you want to own.

Then with covered calls, you get paid to own them.

Finally, you can sell your shares for a profit.


You get paid not once.

Not twice. But three times!

And if you feel uncomfortable when you hear the word “options” – don’t worry.

Because inside this book… we explain exactly how to use options the way Billionaire investors like Warren Buffett and Bill Ackman do.

If you don’t have much starting capital, you can get started with just $2,000 in your account.

Even if you stated investing later in life. There are people who started in their 50s, 60s and 70s successfully trading the wheel for extra income on the side.



Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

    • Why George Lucas (yes, that George Lucas) is the greatest options trader of all time – Page 15

    •  The only method to track your returns accurately. Many people are making less money than they believe – Page 122

    •  The 6 criteria you should use to select stocks for The Wheel – Page 69

    • “The VIX Trap” – you should never write options if the VIX is above this level – Page 97

      · The 5 best stocks for the wheel strategy in 2021 – Page 54

"Beginner friendly look at The Wheel Strategy"

This book is a beginner-friendly look at The Wheel Strategy. I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on the subject but nothing really explained the reason behind why you would run the strategy on some stocks but not on others. I really liked how it takes you through the process from which screening criteria to use to going over technical analysis and then deciding on which delta you should use for entry points. The tracking sheet and accompanying videos are really useful too.

" Excellent and very reasonably priced"

This is the fifth book by Freeman Publications I have purchased. All of the books have been excellent and very reasonably priced. Beginners to seasoned professionals will learn from these books.

" Not a bad read & fairly informative for a new investor"

"Very good explanation of investing in options"

This was a very complete and detailed explanation. As the introduction says, you really should have some basic knowledge on the subject or a lot of it will be Greek.

I did not like the author’s social theories on why some people might not like successful people. I don’t think “Catholic guilt” or Scandinavian culture makes people fall short of their income potential. So, I think the author should drop the philosophy and stick with investment strategies, which this book does well.

"Excellent Guide to Iron Condor Options Trading"

Like many folks, I’ve used the pandemic to hone my trading skills, which were nonexistent, to a very basic understanding. This guide — elegant and succinct — answered many of my questions about iron condor options.

The jury is still out whether I’ll be able to apply the material, but I do know I’ll be referring to rules I learned here.

The Options Wheel Strategy

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