The 8-Step Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing: Featuring 20 for 20 

The 20 Best Stocks & ETFs to Buy and Hold for The Next 20 Years: Make Consistent Profits Even in a Bear Market

Despite what the mainstream financial media wants to tell you. Investing is not an impossible game only the pros can master…

But here are 3 big mistakes inexperienced investors make…

Mistake #1: Relying solely on social media and TV stock tipsters for their information

Mistake #2: Rushing into “hot sectors” based on fear of missing out, and buying poor companies at overvalued prices

Mistake #3: Panic selling for a loss the first time their stock goes down and missing out on gains when it rebounds to new highs



By using a reliable and repeatable investing process, ordinary investors can beat the pros.

Now here’s the good news.

By using our Rational Process Investing methodology, individual investors can make consistent long-term profits in the market.

Founded on timeless principles used by legendary investors like Warren Buffett. You don’t need a degree in finance. Nor do you need to spend hours each day glued to financial media. Just 2 hours per week is enough.

Companies that can turn a modest investment of $500 into $30,000 or more.

It’s not always some obscure technology company either. There are amazing opportunities in industries many investors consider “boring”

For example, if you had invested just $99 in Southwest Airlines when they first went public, you’d be sitting on over $82,000 today.


Here’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover inside:

  • The #1 mistake inexperienced investors make. Avoid this error and you will make money – Page 16
  • The truth about “buying the dip” Why most investors fail miserably at it, and what to do instead – Page 169
  • This software company has been growing 5x faster than the S&P500 and you can still pick it up for less than $10 – Page 145
  • If we only had $500 to invest in a single company. This is what we’d buy – Page 81

..and much, much more.

"Great Book on Value Investing"

Many people don’t realize that they lose a lot of money being focused entirely on short-term gains and a getting rich quick mentality. This book is a great primer on value investing. It is very professionally written and the 8 steps are easy to follow and make a lot of sense.

No wonder the Freeman investment company stands behind the book. It gives you 20 stocks to invest in the long run. All 20 stocks are evaluated and you will understand why they have been picked.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking to invest in the stock market for long-term success and profit.

"Value investing that you will understand"

Fantastic book for everyone who would like to learn the basics of value investing.
In the beginning, I thought it will be best to start with a classic so I bought The Intelligent Investor…after few chapters, I gave up because I found historical content too heavy, and language too complicated…

Then I came across 20 for 20 …and I’ve read the whole thing in one evening. Interesting, engaging, informative, and no-nonsense knowledge for first-time investors.

Book also contains links to YouTube tutorials that I found very helpful. If you know nothing about investing and would like to start you found the best place!

"Great Beginner's Guide To Investing"

This book uses simple, easy words to guide the beginner into value investing. It gives great investing tips and explains the “why” behind each one. The book gives several investing rules; One of them is in the short-term, prices are fueled by emotion, while in the long-term, prices are fueled by math.

You will find practical wisdom quotes from famous, respected people like Warren Buffett, Sam Walton, and Charli Munger. The barriers to investing are lifted by this book providing so much practical information and inspiration for you to begin your investing journey. A must-have for beginners.


I’m a former financial advisor and I was impressed by this book. I appreciated that it taught both the theory and real-world application. Very well-researched with helpful examples. I loved the author’s 8-step process, the 20 examples, and the free complimentary video course.

Lots of really interesting ideas, I’m excited to make some investments based on what I learned. Highly recommend!

"Terrific Investing Advice"

Leveraging the “Rational Process Investing” followed by the likes of Warren Buffett, the book enumerates discerning aspects of value investing by focusing on long-term prudent investing. A well-written and easy-to-understand book, the book delineates that stock prices are fueled by emotions in the short term and math in the long term.

This explains the importance of only investing money you don’t need for the next decade, with a tax-free retirement account being the recommended way to begin investing.

The book does a wonderful job of explaining why Risk is defined by our expertise in evaluating it, and the benefits of long-term investing. It provides examples of how reputed companies can be analyzed using customized recommendations that will work for an average investor.

"Lots of helpful advice and information"

Would highly recommend it to any new investor or someone needing to get the basics. A very helpful guide that I will be using in the future.

Full of great examples, an easy process to follow, and helpful explanations, this book should be on every investor’s bookshelf.

"Perfect for beginners"

This book is well written and easy to read. As someone very unfamiliar with investing, this makes the complex world of investing very easy to understand. There is no fluff and the authors get straight to the point. They do a great job of explaining who and who not to listen to when it comes to investing and how to create your own analysis without fancy buzzwords or complex tricks.

They teach you how not to believe the hype and not to respond to emotion when investing. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme and no overselling. The authors point out common investor mistakes and provide the rationale behind those mistakes. A great book the declutters the investment world in easy-to-understand principles and steps.

I highly recommend this for those who are getting their footing for investing in the stock market.

"Quick valuable information for a new investor"

Quick valuable information for a new investor, and probably older ones. I learned a lot in a few short pages. The advice on the best 20 stocks to buy and hold for 20 years was full of useful information.

If you are new to investing I would call this a must-read book.

It is interesting and insightful and well-researched. Teaches step-by-step techniques.


This is wonderfully written and easily understood with concise and thorough information for any new or veteran investor! A well of teaching I will drink from more than once.

Freeman Publications has created a foundation from which any investor, over time, will succeed! I recommend this book to anyone wanting to better themselves and who are willing to put in the effort!

"Good initial investor read for a new investor."

Conservative beginner book. I am still learning and is a helpful read. Great place to start. Nice list of companies to analyze.

The 8-Step Beginner’s Guide to Value Investing

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